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COVID-19 Update

If you want to cure the world, don’t emanate fear-emanate love.

~Ram Das

First of all, thank you for all of your business over the last week. We appreciate your trust in us and feel privileged to be a part of how you take care of yourselves during this sensitive time.

We want to assure you that we are taking every precaution to make sure that the store remains well disinfected, and have ramped up our cleaning procedures. In return, we ask the following of you:

1) Please do not visit the store if you are ill or if you suspect that you have been exposed to the virus. We will do our best to deliver or ship any items that you need. Alternatively, if you would like to remain in your car and know what you want to purchase, we are happy to bring it out to you.

2) Please ask us to take bottles down from the shelf as we are trying to minimize the amount of contact with surfaces in the store.

3) Although we have disinfected all of our testers, it may not be the best time to be trying on face and body lotions or makeup.

4) We are doing our best to keep the shelves stocked with the products that you need, but please be open to alternate brands that may be different than you normally use. This applies especially to things like elderberry, zinc, Vitamin C, & Vitamin D. We assure you that any product we carry will satisfy our strict guidelines and meet our quality standards.


Some of you may have read our recent blog on the virus, which can be found here. Much of what we said still applies. What we do know about the virus are a few  things:

1) The most important way to eradicate the virus is to reduce transmission. So long as you follow the CDC recommendations on hygiene and limit your exposure to places with large numbers of people, you are taking the right precautions.

2) The vast majority of people that contract the virus will fully recover. The virus, if severe, can cause lasting damage to the lungs. Most of those that have died or had serious complications were either immune-compromised or were smokers.

3) For additional protection, make sure your immune system is in good shape.


We recommend a three-pronged approach if you feel that you need additional protection:

1) Use nutrients with broad support for the immune system. These include Vitamins A, C & D, zinc, immuno peptides, colostrum, medicinal mushrooms, and more.

2) Support yourself with herbs that have antiviral effects and/or have an affinity to the lungs. These include elderberry, astragalus, cordyceps, olive leaf, echinacea, andrographis, oregano oil, monolaurin, thyme, eucalyptus, and others.

3) Antioxidants can minimize the damage done by the excess inflammatory reaction in the lungs. If your lungs are already compromised in some way, you may want to consider taking NAC, ACES (by Carlson), liposomal glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, or others. NAC is one of my favorites as it also has mucolytic properties.

Most of all, please be flexible! We are experiencing various out of stocks due to the high demand for immune products right now. There is no specific nutrient that has been proven to kill the virus. Therefore, what is recommended above are nutrients that generally support immune function, herbs and other nutrients that are known to have antiviral action, and antioxidants that will minimize the damage from any excess inflammatory reaction.

Since there are many ways to accomplish the suggested protection, pleases know that our staff may recommend different nutrients to different people. This may be based on individual needs, combined with what we have available right now. Our promise to you is that we will never recommend anything that is unnecessary or potentially ineffective.

Wishing You the Best in Health!!