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Walsh Natural Health is the place to buy quality supplements and other healthy products. We have been in business for 25 years, and understand the proper use and effectiveness of the products we carry. We do the research for you. We look at every ingredient in each product and buy from companies that have excellent quality standards. On our site you will find the best professional brands and the best retail brands available. Our staff has worked in the natural products industry for a combined 85 years and we are here to assist you. Please note that while well-schooled in the proper use of supplements, we do not provide medical advice.

We offer even more products and some exclusive product lines like Metagenics on our partner sites. If you are looking for a specific product but can’t find it on our site, try visiting the links below.


Detox Do’s and Don’ts: Make Your Detox Worth It!

By Lynn Bednar, MS, CNC Doing a detox seems to have become somewhat of a fad. Generally, I can get behind this. Our bodies are exposed now more than ever to chemicals in food, air, water, and on land. Over time, our bodies can accumulate these toxins, injuring our health. So in theory, cleaning out […]


Multivitamins: Quality Counts

By Lynn Bednar, MS, CNC Quality multivitamins are more important than ever right now. Chronic illness in America continues to increase. In addition, the pandemic also increases the need for extra nutrients to support the immune system. By priming the immune system with quality support, you will have a better response to the virus and […]


Sleep the Natural Way

By Lynn Bednar, MS, CNC Sleep is a precious commodity right now. It eludes so many of us due to increased screen time, work stress, children’s schooling issues, world events, and overall uncertainty. Sleeping pills are a quick fix but have long term effects like: Addiction or dependency (particularly to benzodiazepines) Problems with attention or […]



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