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Walsh Services – Introduction


Health is Life.

Whatever your own mission is, you can do it better with good health. Diet, lifestyle, and targeted supplementation can be used to create and optimize health. My mission is to empower you with the right information to regain or maintain your health.

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Lynn Bednar Nutritional Counseling—MS, CNS, LDN

Functional Medicine as a Powerful Tool

The use of functional Medicine allows for personalized recommendations based on your own unique needs. I can employ the use of genetics, bloodwork, functional nutrition testing, and a detailed understanding of your health history, lifestyle, and diet to support your best health.

Supported Conditions

I offer support for a variety of common and not-so common conditions. Below are some main categories. Click the link below to view a detailed list.



Cardiovascular & Metabolic

Mental & Cognitive


Mother & Baby



Liver Health & Detoxification

ConditioI support - Walsh

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Need a simple diet clean up, supplement review, or a full workup that includes testing, diet & lifestyle overhaul? I am here to help. Click below to view all of my services.