Aromatherapy room and body spray


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Zum Mist Room & Body Spray is kind of like a mood ring. It meets you where you're at, no matter if that's deep into a chill session or a high-energy cleaning spree. Packed with lavender for a little Zen and lemon for a little zip, this magnificent mist always knows what vibe to bring. The soothing floral scent of lavender mingles with the punchy lemon aroma to create the ideal all-purpose room & body mist.

Lavender-Lemon Zum Mist is as good on the conscience as it is on the olfactory glands. Rather than using harsh chemical emulsifiers and other unpleasant ingredients, this mist is made with simple, plant-based ingredients – just purified water, essential oils, and vegetable glycerin. Use it wherever you want to spritz a little something special, whether that be in your home or on your being. Trust us, it's a real aura enhancer.

What's Inside

Fragrance (Essential Oils)
Glycerin (Vegetable)