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The Amazonite gemstone energy bracelet with its Sea Turtle silver charm will bring HEALING into your life, as well as release, truth, and communication. This dual-powered bracelet brings both transformation and grounding, with the added properties of Picture Jasper. Each INSPIRIT bracelet symbolizes a unique theme or lesson.

Amazonite is a powerful healing stone, bringing tranquility and calm, helping to unblock and release negative emotions and past hurts. It allows one to then see their inner truth and beliefs with clarity, and express them with courage. It aids communication by balancing energies, promoting an ability to see different points of view. It facilitates self-discovery, self-awareness, and the ability to embrace one’s personal truth.

Picture Jasper is a nurturing, harmonizing stone strongly connected to the earth. Its grounding energy can give a powerful sense of who you are, where you've been, and where you're going, bringing stability, wholeness, and truth.

A Sea Turtle instills healing. being peaceful yet powerful, patient, determined, enduring and insightful.